Nasugbu Beach Resort,Lot & Condominium

42 Years of Building Dreams

Sta. Lucia is the Philippine’s biggest real estate company in terms of combined lot area. We have over 10,000 hectares of properties

comprising of over 200 Residential Estates, 12 Golf Courses, 11 Country Club house and 1 Grand Mall.

For these achievements, Sta. Lucia has been named, “2003 Developer of the Year” by Creba, and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Readers

Digest Gold Awardee, property Section.

The impressive roster of communities created by Sta. Lucia now includes such residential estates in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna,

and Batangas, as well as emerging areas such as Rizal, Pampanga, Cabanatuan City and Pangasinan, In the Visayas, the company has

also spurred the creation of thriving communities in Cebu, Bacolod, Mindanao, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Iloilo. From Baguio in the

North to Davao in the South, Sta. Lucia has developed a network of thriving residential or commercial communities nationwide.

President: Exequiel D. Robles

Why Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.:

• 40 years of experience

• Excellent Track Record

• Trusted Brand Name

• Extensive and High Quality Land Bank

• Strong Management Team


1. Residential

2. Commercial

3. Condominium

4. Housing

5. Golf Course

6. Beach Resort

7. Malls

Developed the most number of Golf and Country

Clubs in the Country

Concept: Resort-Residential Development

Location: Brgy. Natipuan, Nasugbu Batangas

Landowner: JAKA Group

Developer: Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.

Route: Via SLEX and Cavitex

Phase 1: 21.8 has.

Phase 2: 297.4 has.

Salable lots: Phase 1 – 258 lots

Phase 2 – 1,205 lots

Density: 17.58 lots per hectare

Average lot size: 300 sqm.

Lot dimension: 180 sqm (12mx15m)

300 sqm (15xmx20m)

Indicative Price Php 8,000.00 / sq.m.

Inventory: Phase 1: Php 700M

Phase 2: Php 3.5B

Condominiums: Php 3.5B

Total Php 7.7B

Features & Amenities:

zip line, cable car, village square (town center),

condotel, beach clubhouse, bike trails, hilltop

clubhouse, swimming pool, pavillion,

playground, gazebo, fire pit, hiking-trekking,

hanging bridge, rapelling, mountain biking

Inner Lot Sample Computation

Lot Area____325 sqm.

Price pr/sqm.____9,500 sqm.

Contract Price___3,087,500.00


20% Down Payment__617,500


20%Discount if paid in 7 days__123,500

Net Down payment___474,000

80% Balance___2,470,000


1st year 0% interest__41,166.66

2nd year to 5th year 14% interest___53,997.11


1st year 0%interest__20,583.33

2nd year to 10th year 14% interest_38,958,63

2 Years TO PAY 0%INTEREST___102,916.66

Covered by 24 P DC Checks


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